Netshield Consulting Services

The Netshield Consulting Services division provides customers with vendor agnostic ICT and electronic services based on specific and tailor-made client needs.

The team boasts more than 32 years’ experience in the ICT industry, including a specialist Certified Data Centre Expert, ensuring you can rest assured that building, expanding or rolling out a new data centre will be a whole lot easier if you lean on the Netshield Consulting division to get it done. What’s more is that we promise to provide you a solution that fits your business and your budget.

Our ICT and electronic consulting build environment project lifecycle has six stages. You are involved in the process at each stage.

Consulting at project inception includes a detailed User Requirement Analysis (URS) that is conducted with you, the client, in order to determine your exact user requirements from an ICT perspective. This URS forms the basis of the development of the project brief and scope of work going forwards as well as identifies potential project constraints and regulatory requirements.

In the concept and viability stage your Netshield Consulting team will develop a preliminary design report and preliminary project estimate. During this stage all user and/or regulatory requirements identified in Stage 1 are incorporated into the design we also encourage and ensure the coordination of design interfaces with other consultants involved with the project at this stage.

Within the design development stage you will receive a final detailed design report, design development drawings, draft specifications and estimated quantity and costs. Clients must bear in mind that where required the necessary design documentation must be submitted to local and other authorities for approval before rollout.

At the documentation and procurement stage we will prepare procurement and construction documentation of: the final construction drawings, detailed specifications, priced and un-priced bill of quantities and preambles/compliance requirements. This stage includes the final co-ordination of services across all disciplines

Here Netshield Consulting tackles the contract administration and inspection stage, that includes the management, administration and monitoring of construction contracts and processes, as well as the preparation and coordination of procedures and documentation that will facilitate practical completion.

This stage also includes preparation of estimates for any proposed changes made by you the client; inspection of work in accordance with regulatory and contractual correctness; as well as ensuring alignment with specifications. Routine and practical inspections will be carried out on completion and detailed snag lists will be compiled and managed. Drawing registers will be maintained and updated as and when new drawings are issued.

At the close out stage Netshield Consulting will work with you through the inspection of the project as well as identifying and verifying potential issues, which will then be followed up with thorough comments and completion certificates. Here we will help facilitate the compilation of as-built documentation which will include not only the as-built drawings but also product warranty certificates, cable scans and test reports (copper and fibre), product configuration files and network diagrams.

Netshield Consulting Packages

Based on client requests, Netshield Consulting has developed a range of “packaged” consulting services for you to leverage.

Each package addresses a specific set of client needs within the business.

Align IT is a consulting service developed and delivered by Netshield Consulting that performs analysis and alignment exercises between strategy, ICT governance and infrastructure layers. The output of Align IT will form the foundation layers for an Enterprise Architecture (EA) plan.

Secure IT is a consulting service developed and delivered by Netshield Consulting that assists companies in developing complete IT security policies that are integrated with procedures, standards and technology.

Architect IT is a consulting service developed and delivered by Netshield Consulting that assists companies in developing Enterprise Architecture (EA) designs, plans and implementation roadmaps.

Design IT is a consulting service developed and delivered by Netshield Consulting that assists companies with ICT designs, specifications and budget estimates for ICT infrastructure related projects. A detailed User Requirements Specification (URS) forms the basis for the design stages.

Strategise IT is a consulting service developed and delivered by Netshield Consulting that assists companies in the development of ICT strategies that are aligned with business processes.

Continue IT is a consulting service developed and delivered by Netshield Consulting that assists companies in the development of IT business continuity and disaster recovery plans.

Manage IT is delivered through the Netshield Consulting Project Management division, and provides clients with an independent 3rd party project management service for all ICT related project implementations.

ICT Project Management Services

In addition to all the above, Netshield Consulting also offers ICT Project Management Services that comprise process of planning, organising and delineating responsibility for the planning of an organisations’ specific ICT goals.

An ICT project is any information technology project that has an assigned start and end date, often with specific milestones and goals to be met during the development cycle. These are temporary, short-term efforts to create a unique product, service or environment such as:

  • Software development
  • Hardware installations
  • Network upgrades
  • Cloud computing and virtualisation rollouts
  • Business analytics and data management projects
  • Implementing new ICT services
  • Removing old servers
  • Developing a custom ecommerce site
  • Creating new desktop images
  • Merging databases

All ICT projects are constrained by three factors: time, cost and scope. For a project to be successful, these three constraints (often called the Triple Constraints of Project Management) must be in equilibrium.

Netshield Consulting and Project Management are specialist ICT consultants; our knowledge, skills and experience in ICT projects enable us to manage these factors effectively on your behalf ensuring that quality project management services are delivered.


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