This unit creates a flexible power sourcing solution with a scalable battery bank acting as a power source when no power is available from any of the power sources.

The unit can source power from either;

  • The load will be permanently run from the Inverter, which runs from the battery and renewable resource. In the event that the alternative resources and batteries can supply sufficient power the Inverter/Charger will automatically switch the load over to the grid and recharge the batteries to the pre-selected state of charge of the batteries. When this state of charge is reached the required load will be switched automatically and seamlessly back to the Inverter.
  • When there is an unstable grid connection or load shedding, the Inverter/Charger is used as a backup power source. While the grid is available, the Charger will keep the batteries fully charged and the load will run from the grid. When the grid power feed fails, the Inverter will automatically supply the load by switching into online mode within 12 milliseconds. The backup time is scaled depending on the sizing of the connected battery bank and the actual load requirements.
  • Where there is no grid connection and the batteries are charged from Photo voltaic Solar Panels and/or wind generators, the unit will start the generator automatically and transfer the actual load to use the additional generator capacity to recharge the systems batteries. On reaching the pre-selected state of the battery load it will automatically switch back to the Inverter. The changeover is seamless while the generator is allowed to run for a pre-selected cool down cycle, with no load connected, before the shutdown commanded is signalled to the generator.

It is available in 1kVA, 2kVA, 3kVA, 4kVA, 6kVA or 12kVA that can give instant power with a battery charging capability of up to 10 to 120Amp.