Smart Power Distribution Units

Netshield’s cloud or network managed Smart Zero U Power Distribution Units (PDUs) provide Class 1 metering allowing you to take advantage of energy metering and optimisation of cabinets in your data centre. These units also offer optional temperature, humidity and fluid monitoring sensors and as a result of being network ready can form part of an overall Internet of Things (IoT) business environment.

By investing in a Netshield Smart PDU, you can wave goodbye to the challenges of effective power distribution, power protection and power management in your data centres. These units will assist you in better managing existing power capacity to improve data centre efficiency, uptime and expansion.

These Smart PDUs will provide insight into the point-of-presence consumption of the cabinets in your data centre and as a result enable better management of power usage through visibility of your consumption as well as environmental conditions being monitored by the connected IoT sensors. What does this mean for you? A reduction in power consumption and in turn a reduction in costs.


  • Netshield Smart Metering Web/SNMP Managed PDU with IEC60309 (Hubble).
  • Measures kWh, kVArh, kW, Kvar, kVA, PF, Hz, VAC and Amp.
  • Bi-directional measurement IMP & EXP.
  • Dual pulse outputs.
  • TCPIP Ethernet, USB, RS485 2-wire Modbus and 1-wire sensor connectivity.
  • Class 1 or better accuracy.
  • Easy installation, ideal for cost-sensitive environments.
  • Single or extended capacities.
  • Vertical models use industry standard front panel mounting.
  • Web-based and SNMP monitoring and control.
  • Visible on-board LCD display.
  • User-definable alarms with real time alerts.

Technical features:

  • Warranty: 3 year warranty
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): SMART PDU 750 x 70 x 80, PDU EXTENSION 445 x 70 x 80 mm
  • Weight: SMART PDU 3.7kg, PDU EXTENSION 1.9kg
  • Voltage: 190 to 240VAC
  • Current: 10 to 32Amp