Increasing the energy yield from solar array systems is important, but also increasing the time duration during which the energy is collected is even more important. We live in a world where renewable resources are regularly used as local or regional installations. The investments made in these systems are high and if the return on investment can be reduced by up to 45% by simply adding tracking dual or single axis tracking systems and decrease the dependency and duration of dependency on other resources, like grid feeds and battery backup systems, as energy from the renewable resources become active earlier in the morning and stay active until later in the afternoon.

These trackers use synchronized real time clock based time and date settings to position the solar arrays directly perpendicular to the sun for maximum yield during the time laps of each day, according to the day and month of the year to compensate for the earths seasonal tilt on its axis. Each exact position is then checked and corrected, if needed, by onboard gravitational pull, to calculate the vertical angle (up-down) with reference to the earth’s gravitational pull and an inertia sensors to calculate the horizontal positioning (east-west) according to the earth’s magnetic lines.

The system has an integrated protection that safe guards and automatically detects excessive wind forces by measuring the actual wind-speed and direction and if the structural stress becomes risky the system will park the array in a horizontal position with the smallest side area facing the wind. The system is also fitted with maximum rotation limit switches that automatically stops rotation before over rotation can occur.