Valuable cargo is transported daily on our roads and cargo theft is unfortunately still a reality in our modern civilization. From the time, centuries ago, where merchants were attacked by robbers on trading roads, ships were seized by pirates and stagecoaches was robbed by bandits on horseback, cargo crime has unfortunately evolved into a well organised, international crime syndicate. It affects both businesses and consumers alike and can compromise product integrity and availability, hence the increased demand for black market goods.

Truck cargo thieves’ approach includes strategies such as paying drivers at rest stops or fuelling stations to give up their trucks or to wait until the truck is unattended and then to manipulate the ignition system to drive off with the stolen equipment.

With the Cell lock system the opening of the truck cargo door will be prohibited unless the truck is in a specific perimeter at the off-load point and the driver is identified with an i-button. The perimeter is set with GPS coordinates. The Cell Lock system will also provide the geographical position of the cargo at all times and will notify the owner of emergency situations immediately through SMS reporting. It will also identify when the vehicle is moving without an activated lock, or moving while the ignition is switched off.

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Protection of cargo in transit