10th March 2016

How to: Increase the power produced by your solar panels by up to 45%

We’ve said it time and time again, you can implement as many #renewable energy solutions as you like, but if you don’t implement them correctly, after […]
29th September 2015

Take back control of your power! Need an Inverter/Charger system? Need to manage your power sources?

Cost effective: power alternatives, #power management and environmental monitoring are probably exactly what your company needs but how do you marry all of this and ensure […]
11th August 2015

HOW TO: Regain control of your electricity supply

Netshield South Africa’s CEO has spoken out about the problem of unreliable power supply in the country and stated that South Africans need to take independent […]
22nd July 2015

Understanding off the grid requirements

An interesting chat between Inus Dreckmeyr and Elna Schütz, the producer from The Science Inside radio broadcast that will be aired on Radio 702 and Cape […]
28th April 2015

Load shedding solutions: Once bitten,twice shy?

Have you had the unfortunate experience of burning your fingers in trying to obtain a solution for load shedding or going partially or entirely off the […]
26th March 2015

Save on your electricity bill with Naccumon

Are you looking for ways to save more money and reduce electricity consumption in your server room as well as prolonging the life of your air […]
26th February 2015

Living off the grid: What I miss about Eskom power

By Marien Dreckmyr I was once asked when interviewed about “Living off the grid” what I miss most about #eskom power and my swift reply was […]