Environmental and data centre management

16th Mar 2017

Don’t skimp on Power Distribution Units

By Inus Dreckmeyr, CEO at Netshield South Africa You may think buying ‘dumb’ power distribution units (PDUs) instead of intelligent or smart PDUs will save you […]
22nd Sep 2016

Five considerations for building the perfect server room

In the building of server rooms, every business’s needs are a little different. But, there are vital things – structural load limitations, cooling, power and technology […]
4th Nov 2015

Environmental monitoring from a single device

Customers looking for a single device to assist them with monitoring and managing their environmental management, #access control, power and even get a better handle on […]
29th Sep 2015

Take back control of your power! Need an Inverter/Charger system? Need to manage your power sources?

Cost effective: power alternatives, #power management and environmental monitoring are probably exactly what your company needs but how do you marry all of this and ensure […]
8th Apr 2015

Data Centre in a Box – managing all services from a single IP Address

Netshield is challenging the way the industry approaches IT with its Data Centre in a Box, a self-contained IP 54 rated mobile unit that gives business […]
26th Mar 2015

Save on your electricity bill with Naccumon

Are you looking for ways to save more money and reduce electricity consumption in your server room as well as prolonging the life of your air […]
11th Mar 2015

Why invest in environmental monitoring and control?

Disasters are called disasters because one is never sure when they are going to strike. Lets take a look at the recent Cape Fires – not […]
1st Aug 2014

20 Years of Innovation

  Many an IT company has been born from the living room, kitchen or even garage of a family member and the birth of Netshield some […]