10th Mar 2016

How to: Increase the power produced by your solar panels by up to 45%

We’ve said it time and time again, you can implement as many #renewable energy solutions as you like, but if you don’t implement them correctly, after […]
20th Nov 2015

Your idea, our reality

How amazing would it be if every time you had an idea, a team of experts appeared in front of you, ready and waiting to turn […]
29th Sep 2015

Take back control of your power! Need an Inverter/Charger system? Need to manage your power sources?

Cost effective: power alternatives, #power management and environmental monitoring are probably exactly what your company needs but how do you marry all of this and ensure […]
17th Sep 2015

Calculate Appliance and Home Electronic Energy Use

We have developed an Energy Usage Calculator to help you calculate your Home Backup Power Requirements. Click on the Form below to download the calculator.  
4th Sep 2015

Google to tell if a building or home should convert to solar energy

In sunny South-Africa and with the darkness of #load shedding looming over our heads it is for some a consideration to invest in hybrid renewable systems […]
11th Aug 2015

HOW TO: Regain control of your electricity supply

Netshield South Africa’s CEO has spoken out about the problem of unreliable power supply in the country and stated that South Africans need to take independent […]
22nd Jul 2015

Understanding off the grid requirements

An interesting chat between Inus Dreckmeyr and Elna Schütz, the producer from The Science Inside radio broadcast that will be aired on Radio 702 and Cape […]
8th Jul 2015

Taking your power back in the midst of SA’s energy crisis

South Africa’s energy crisis won’t be resolved anytime soon, and wringing our hands or resigning ourselves to the inevitable downtime associated with #load shedding won’t help […]
19th May 2015

Explore living partially or completely off the grid

Be sure to visit us at the Grand Design Garden & Home Show at the Dome 29-31 May 2015
15th Apr 2015

Simple Load-shedding Solution

  This 6kVA or 12kVA unit creates a flexible power sourcing solution with a scalable battery bank of charging capabilities up to 60/120Amp. It acts as a power source […]
15th Apr 2015

Your power – Your responsibility

Your power, your responsibility  Inus Dreckmeyr, CEO at Netshield South Africa talks renewable energy  At this stage, utility power is as unreliable as the Johannesburg weather, […]
17th Feb 2015

Financial Benefits of Renewables in South Africa

South Africa has started implementing an ambitious programme to diversify its power generating mix by bringing new renewables (mainly wind and solar) into the system. The […]