Vehicle Management and Control – ActSafe

It is an unfortunate fact that an unacceptable high number of machinery related safety violation incidents occur in the mining and Industrial sectors mainly due to the inability to control the use of machinery/vehicles by unauthorised operators and the lack of safety awareness by operators.

For this reason Netshield developed the ActSafe Controller Unit. It is mounted on the machine or vehicle that needs to be controlled and before any operator is able to start the vehicle, it will validate the operator ID, then supply a series of pre-defined questions that needs to be answered correctly before the operator will be able to start the vehicle.

The purpose of the ActSafe system is to share the safety responsibility between managers and operators by limiting activation of machinery or vehicles to authorised operators only and to keep a log of these activations for later review. It also reinforce operator awareness on applicable safety rules, standards and hazards. Machine utilisation can be calculated from the activation data and maintenance can be pro-actively managed with recorded running hours.

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