IoT Gateways

Netshield developed and manufactures a range of ethernet wired or wireless intelligent gateways (OS Lynux) as part of the hardware building blocks for an IoT solution.

IOT WiFi Multi Sensor - Wireless Gateway

Customers looking to dramatically simplify the installation process of IoT (Internet of Things) sensors, can now take advantage of Netshield’s WIFI IOT Multi Sensor and IO modules. These devices are the perfect accompaniment to IoT environments where power and cost may be an issue, enabling customers to monitor the environmental factors of their business environment all via the cloud.

The WIFI IOT Multi Sensor and IO modules have their own battery and as a result do not need either a power source or a wired connection to operate. With its own built in Wi-Fi interface, you can string sensors onto the device, which can then leverage the Wi-Fi connection to send data gathered from the sensors back into your environment.